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New Contributor sallllyr14
New Contributor

Cancel mobile broadband contract

Hi, I have a mobile device on a plan and a mobile broadband on a plan. 

The mobile plan has a huge amount of data as does the mobile broadband. I would like to keep the mobile plan but cancel the broadband plan.


I'm 3 months into the contract but I'm paying unnecessary extra $80 a month for the mobile broadband plan..

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Cancel mobile broadband contract

Cancelling the contract will likely incur a penalty. Currently it appears to be half the total contract amount due plus any device cost. So 80x(12-3 months) / 2 = $360 fee + any device cost ($100?)


Another option might be to find a mate do take over the plan? 


Either way contact Optus live chat 24.7 and they will give you a post it figure.


Peter Gillespie

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