4g wireless issues


Have recently signed up to wireless home broadband 500gb, day time speed is good , but evening is a joke , can’t download or stream Netflix, I moved away from adsl to get faster speeds used to get between 12-15mb download . What are my options have been onto support every day. Have also raised a complaint 



Re: 4g wireless issues

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The fact you day time speeds are OK suggests no issue with the hardware / setup. 4G is a shared medium, which means the more people that use it the slower the speeds for everyone. Unfortunately Optus seem to be selling high data 4G plans very heavily. There seems to be no attempt to moderate user numbers and so peak hour congestion is pretty inevitable in some areas (what post code are you in?). Optus also make no representation of likely speeds over 4G and also state that home 4G speeds will be the first they cut bandwidth from if other mobile phone speeds are being affected. In short, there's not a lot you can do except wait for the NBN (or 5G) I'm afraid.


Although one thought is buying a phone from Optus with a big data plan and using it as a hotspot. Its 4G as well but posssibly has more priority?


The performance should means you should be able to exit the contract without penalty though if you want.


Peter Gillespie

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