2 Problems with AC800s


Hi all, so I purchased this model and the battery won't charge in it. At first it stuck on 90% then I let the charge go right down and it went to 28% and is randomly stopping at any percentage. However, if I put it in the 810S - it charges quickly to 100%. If I connect it to a power source without the battery - it just constantly reboots. I managed to get it working without the battery by putting it in my portable charging pack but that then just runs down the battery to that. I've done all the updates but at the moment the only thing I can do is swap batteries all the time or - as I'm doing at the moment - connecting it to the laptop with battery in, but for the last hour and a half, it was showing it's charging but stuck on 63% When I removed the cable, it immediately went down to 58% and that is where it is staying because it just isn't charging. Very frustrating.  Any have any insight into this charging problem? I might just have to go back to the 810S and write this one off.

Re: 2 Problems with AC800s


If in warranty, please see a store to have it repaired/replaced.

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