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On Monday 10/03/2014, I went to the Optus shop at Chadstone.


My mobile wasn't connecting to wifi  but my ipad was.

 There was no problem with my internet connection.


The guy said he has never heard  of such a problem previously.

I was told in the back of  the modem there is a very tiny hole and to push a pin into it,which would reset it back to the factory setting and would ask for my password and to put it in and it should fix my problem.It didn't fix my problem BUT made things worse.

It never asked for my password.I got my wifi back but lost my internet connections.


I  had to get  an expert in to reset all information back into my modem ,who said to me YOU SHOULD NEVER DO what I was told to do. I was given the wrong advise. I have to pay for this.


I'm not very happy and ask that Optus re-imburse me for been giving wrong information.

I shouldn't have to be out of pocket.


It would be a good idea to instruct staff to give proper advise to customers problems.


I would appreciate a satisfactory answer very soon. please.


 Regards Mavis

Re: customer service


Why haven't I had a reply back please. Refer to my current message sent 3/4/2014.

I had to pay $90 to get my problem fixed that was caused by wrong information given by optus.

Would be lovely to be re imbursed the cost.

Re: customer service

I had to pay $90 to get an expert in to reset my modem after being given wrong information by optus.
Please can optus give me a $90 credit ?
I would appreciated an answer please
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