Anyone order Corporate Iphone 5 plan?


Hi there,

I'm not sure if I'm in the right place to be posting. I have tried posting in the general forum for consumers, where everyone is awaiting their iphone 5's to arrive under their consumer or SME plans. I've ordered through a corporate plan therefore I don't have an order number compatible with the consumer/SME order tracking or auspost messenger tracking page. Just wondering if anyone in this forum is in the same boat and awaiting an iphone 5 under a corporate employee Optus plan? Just wanting to get some assurance that someone has received a phone under the corporate plan and we aren't "last in the queue" so to speak, as I am unable to receive any updates unless I email the CorporateConnect team who haven't replied to my last email asking for an order number compatible with the tracking site. I tried calling the general Optus enquiries line, but was told my call would be answered in 20 minutes, and i couldn't afford to wait that long while I'm at work! Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Re: Anyone order Corporate Iphone 5 plan?


HI omego,


I just received my iphone5 from corporate connect after 23 days of ordering. (with no visibility on progress)

Optus Network is very good but customer support and plan flexibilty is worst ever. Customer support staff dont know much about timelines or delivery ETA.


After you wil have your phone,

You cant see realtime data usage and spent on your Cap, you cant add more data package to your plan so in short they want you to pay more money by going over your limit and not giving visibilty. remember you are on 4G your data will be spend lot faster than before.


I strongly recommend not to go for corporate plan. Corporate plans are trap for making you go over and make you spend more.


Hope you can learn from my experiance.


Re: Anyone order Corporate Iphone 5 plan?


Hi Rrhuawei,


Thank you for your reply. I'm glad you received your phone. I also received mine last week. Like you said, there wasn't any communication from Optus about delivery time etc, but at least we got it in the end.


I agree, with the corporate plan there's no visibility with usage etc, and like you said, now being on LTE/4G- it's using up data very quickly. I just checked on my phone and in 5 days of having it, i have used 1GB of data!!! So thanks for the heads up. I will need to make sure i switch to wifi where possible. Also i have heard that backing up to icloud also eats into your data allowance, so i have just turned that off in case it is causing data usage to go up. I have 3GB of data allowance per month- i hope you have similar too.


My plan is timeless, so i don't really need to track my local call or sms usage- although i will definitely need to track data. You may know this already- but click 'Settings'--> 'General'--> 'Usage' --> 'Cellular Usage' to track your network data- i usually reset this on my phone every month so i can see how much i've used each month. Good luck with your corporate plan, and thanks for the response.

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