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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Yes Crowd Member Recognitions - October 2018

It's time again to acknowledge the hard work and awesome contributions to the community that you all make.

When choosing people to call out, we look at lots of things, including how often they visit, how often they answer questions, how helpful they are, how often they start great conversations, etc.

Drum roll...

Congratulations to our top Yes Crowd member in October 2018:



The Yes Crowd team really appreciates not just how often Yeldarb visits but the helpful answers he provides to our members, particularly the “techy” ones!
Here is just one example:


We’d also like to acknowledge these numbers:

Most Accepted Solutions:
@petergdownload (23)
Honourable Mention to Yeldarb (12)

Most Kudos Received:
Yeldarb (111)
Honourable Mentions to petergdownload (100), @Davelew (79) and @GTFO (72)

Most Posts: 
Yeldarb (279)

Our best new / returned users of Yes Crowd support we’ve love to see more often:
@Mcm-g @Oshie @Roemac

If any of you would like a keyring, please PM us Smiley Happy


If you want to be recognised as a top Yes Crowd member, simply join in the conversations in our forum, answer questions and share your knowledge and experience with other users.

We’ll be back again in December to announce the top members for November. Thanks again to everyone who contributed – Yes Crowd wouldn’t be the same without you.

Yes Crowd Team @Ray_YC @AlistarS @Dan_C @Kara_YC @Megan_YC

P.S. Here are some highlights that we enjoyed from our favourite thread last month:


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am now no longer part of Yes Crowd or Optus. Thank you to all those who have contributed to the forum during my time, especially the regulars! Cheers!
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Crowd Champion
Crowd Champion

Re: Yes Crowd Member Recognitions - October 2018

Well deserved @Yeldarb, you've had a magic month



I’m a Yes Crowd Champion (not an Optus employee). I share my knowledge on Yes Crowd on a voluntary basis. If I answered your question, please mark it as a Accepted Solution. If I helped you out, hit that Kudos button Smiley Happy
Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Yes Crowd Member Recognitions - October 2018

Thanks Ray, Dave and the rest of the team. I thought I had a fairly quiet month then I read I made 279 posts.  Smiley LOL