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Smart TV

It is 2019 why can't I get the Optus Sport App on my tv without using a third party device like Fetch? 

The TV is android and just needs browsers to be compatible, browsers like Puffin. Why is this so hard? TVs are basically a computer so this should be easily achieved and would increase Optus Sports user base by allowing more people to purchase the app and subscribe to the service. More users means more money. Less third party devices means less outlay, fetch boxes must cost money and aren't sustainable to build. An app is the way of the future. Please can you inform us when this will be available? 

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Honoured Contributor

Re: Smart TV

I'd suspect the reason is probably security. The current Sports app actually works on some unsupported devices but it hit and miss. You'd think it would work on all Android devices but I suspect the possibility that some will be able to share sport content somehow is probably what is holding it up.

Agree 100% that a SmartTV app would be great but I think each manufacturer has their own versions and getting on might be more difficult than just asking if you can put your app on them.

Hopefully Optus are moving to do this though.

Peter Gillespie