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When we do a search for Optus on the Samsung TV the reply is not available yet we can bring up the Foxtel app for subscribers.

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Hi @johnnyred, there is no Smart TV app support yet. This is something we are working on to expand the delivery methods for the EPL. Current access methods can be found here → which will be updated as more become available.

Re: Samsung Smart TV app


Is this a joke? The main reason I signed up to this whole thing was because I read the EPL could be streamed on a Samsung smart TV. 


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We're looking to bring a range of Smart TV's and media players online Joshb. Have you though of getting a Fetch TV mini until the Smart TV app is available?

Re: Samsung Smart TV app


Can we have an update on the availabilty of the promised Samsung Smart TV App?


I have beeb paying for a fetch tv box now for over a year at your recommendation.

Re: Samsung Smart TV app


It's now a year later and there is still no Samsung Smart TV app. 

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So sorry @swiftym but we don't have an update on that. Please note you can view EPL on your TV using these options → Here

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Re: Samsung Smart TV app


Is there ever going to be an app for smart tv's????? or are you just going to continue fobbing us off with "it's in the pipeline"


Re: Samsung Smart TV app


Any update on this. What’s the excuse now?

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