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Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Premier League in 4k (HEVC)

Hi Optus Crowd,

I know I'm repeating a common subject but Optus what are you doing about the "Premier League" in 4k res @60 fps (HEVC)?? where it's shown in Britian and many parts of Europe which is your source right! plus other players like Netflix, Amazon and now Apple Tv have all got 4k content and for some quite a while). You seem to have done hard work in getting the footy in the first place and you WILL have Fox snapping at your heels as they have a 4k capable channel and what a selling point. With all the  4k TVs gallore and mostly!! decent NBN........... whats the hold up? At least give your wanting customers a solid answer as opposed to uhm maybe, I think so, we are looking at it (yeah still after 2yrs) we'll get back to you. I do not speak on behalf of anyone else but if it's gonna cost a little more <AU$5 a month so be it...

and breathe....



and breathe

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Premier League in 4k (HEVC)

Hi there Paul,

The answer you've read/received is the same when we ask on behalf of customers as well so I'm afraid we don't have a better one for you at this stage.

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