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Occasional Contributor

On Demand?

I'm looking at the fetch on demand screen where it states

"Watch the full game at a more convenient time..."

Convenient to who? The paying customer or to Optus? Did the guy who knows how to set up the games have a sickie?

It is about 7 1/2 hours after the game I want to watch finished.

Last week the game I was watching was completely ruined when I went way and came back later. The initial time of the on demand game was about 4 hours with all the preamble included. I fast forwarded to the start of the match and the time on the video was at about 80 minutes.

I had to stop watching and came back later and when asked if i would like to resume said yes and the game resumed 15 minutes into the second half with the score at 2-0 . Brilliant. Game ruined.

Useless system.

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Re: On Demand?

Really sorry for the problems with the On Demand content today - our content team have since take the Man U - HULL game down due to this, we're working on getting it back up and available as soon as we can. 

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