On Demand Hull vs MU


Anyone can tell me when this game will be available to watch on the fetch mini on demand?


i have been awake since 4am before the rest of the family are up to watch it on demand and still waiting......reloaded plenty of times still says duration 0:00 and if I press it says streaming issue, even though I can watch every other game.....


dissapointing as as I now won't be able to watch it til who knows when. I thought this feature could be started anytime after the game starts and you could therefore watch from the start. I don't have the ability to record like Foxtel. In some ways it was so much simpler and easier doing that.....but thought this seemed smart, obviously not.



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Same problem here.


Can only stream Leicester game on tablet and FetchTV.  Even when selecting Hull v Man Utd replay, up pops Leicester.


FetchTV message tries to tell me I have a streaming issue and to check my internet.  That is not the issue at all.

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As I predicted the kids are up and saying I want the little kids show.....night ruined and now I have to avoid all contact with human kind for the day so I can watch it later

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I have the same issue.


Only shows Leicester game when selecting Man Utd.



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Hey Guys


Our Networks team are aware of some problems with the On Demand games at the moment,  they're working on getting the content online as soon as they can but no ETR at this stage. Really sorry for the inconvenience.

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Re: On Demand Hull vs MU


Having similar problems here. I watch using the Optus Sport app through my Apple TV so problem isn't restricted to Fetch TV. In other words, doesn't matter how you want to watch it, Optus have failed to deliver a fully functional service again.


At first I couldn't see an option to view the game at all so I restarted my Apple TV. (This is something you have to do very regularly with the Optus Sport app on the Apple TV. I haven't found any other app that requires this to be done so often, again nice one Optus!!).


After the restart, the Hull vs Man Utd game then appeared to be available and for a second I told myself I'd been a bit harsh..... Maybe Optus aren't the completely greedy, manipulative corporate conglomerate who have forced people to join a sub par service that costs a fortune and only delivers partly what it promises that I had just accused them of being. Maybe......

However this rare moment of optimism was shortly lived. Upon trying to watch the game, despite selecting the "Watch from beginning" option (tried this twice), the game started playing in final stoppage time, after the full 90 minutes. Talk about ruining the surprise. Call me petty but to me there's not really much point in watching when you already know the score at 90+ minutes!!


And while I'm here having a Sunday morning rant I'd like to bring up one more thing. A few weeks ago a lot of people were complaining about streaming problems and poor vision quality (actually, people are still complaining about that aren't they?!?). Optus replied by saying it wasn't their fault, it was due to issues with servers in Singapore not being able to cope (or something along those lines). Nice try but since Optus are owned by SingTel (who I believe are Singapore's largest telco) and therefore it is their own servers causing the problem, it's really a completely moot point wouldn't you say?? I think the technical expression for that is a "PR spin"...... or in layman's terms, a complete load of bulls**t.


So now I've got that off my chest I just tried to start the Hull vs Man Utd game again. As before was asked if I'd like to 'Start from the beginning', selected that option and you know what...... it still doesn't work.


Optus........ Yes is your slogan....... but what are we all saying (and paying) Yes for??? Seriously, I'd really like to know.

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I have the sane problem and has this last week as well. They must be anti-united at optus or else more likely they can't provide the service that they promised. Not acceptable in any way shape or form. When or when can I watch the united match. Sort it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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All booked in for 3:30 on MUTV on least no nasty surprises 

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Further to previous rant......


I just saw your reply Hollie (moderator). As much as I appreciate the apology and understand that these problems aren't caused by you, would you not agree that the time for apologies is past? Isn't it time to actually provide the service you've forced thousands of people to pay for??

Re: On Demand Hull vs MU


your network guys arent the same ones who managed to screwed it up till now i hope,? 

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