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so the games are live but I cant watch it unless i get up at 3am?

With foxtel you were able to tape the game and watch it in the morning.


The whole experience has been bad.

Changing format hasn't worked and consumers are suffering.


I want to watch all games when it suits me like with foxtel.

Any solutions?

I am sure everyone else has this issue.


Re: Liverpool Crystal Palace


Hey Subversion13, I'll see if I can explain it a little better.


There are 20 teams in the league and 10 games played per round. There are 38 rounds therefore 380 games played all up during the season. Which equates to 38 games played by each team for the whole season.


Now only 290 games are available on demand but each game has 2 teams featured. Instead of thinking of it as per team, think of it as a match-up. Each match-up has two teams and the 290 on-demand games need to be distributed fairly amongst the match-ups. There are 10 match-ups per round.


Therefore 290 divided by 10 match-ups = 29 on-demand games per match-up. Now your specific team is only one half of each match-up but doesn't really matter to you which team you're playing against just as long as it's your team playing.


For Pop12, you can record live games onto our gen 2 or Mighty Yes TV by Fetch boxes as they have internal hard drives. Our Yes TV by Fetch mini box can't record games though.


Re: Liverpool Crystal Palace


Thanks Nghi for the maths explanation, that all makes sense.

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