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Occasional Contributor SK75
Occasional Contributor

Highlights of other games during live game

Why are there so many interruptions to show highlights from concurrent games? I'm watching the Arsenal v sou game and every few minutes I'm seeing what's happening in other games. It's ruining my viewing experience. I dont want interruptions whilst I'm watching the game! Does anyone else agree? 

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New Contributor atticus
New Contributor

Re: Highlights of other games during live game

Seriously, it's one thing to occasionally show them during a prolonged stop in play, but there's way too many of them, and they're cutting away to highlights in the middle of active attacking plays! Very poorly thought through - please reduce the frequency of the cutaways, and never do them in the middle of active play.

Moderator Aman_B

Re: Highlights of other games during live game

Hey @SK75  and @atticus, all the content you see is straight from EPL and nothing is added by Optus although you can watch the same game by selecting another Optus Sport channel without any additions as the main Optus channels covers other live games as well. 

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New Contributor hammerman
New Contributor

Re: Highlights of other games during live game

You might be watching the Goals Rush programme instead of the actual game you want.  This will show the main featured game, but will update you from the other games.  If this is the case, you'll need to list the other chaneels to see what one is showingthe game you want (most games I've seen are on channels 986 etc).  

Hope this helps.


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