Games ruined again!

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So I jump onto optus this morning to watch some premier league. I click on th Everton V Chelsea game. The first of all the games I plan to watch in the coming days. It goes straight to the end of the City game where I see the score. That games ruined. Then it flashes to Palace and I see the score, that game is ruined. Then to Sunderland, again game ruined.


For the price I am paying this needs to change. Games need to be edited to start at the proper time and not reveal other games. (I am only with optus for premier league reasons as I am sure most people are). IF I CAN"T WATCH THE GAMES THEN I AM GETTING RIPPED OFF!!


Here's a tip, and it's free. Hire some people who actually follow football and know what it's like to be a fan! I avoid friends, social media and what ever else I have to do not to see or hear football results! STOP DODGY EDITING AND DO YOUR JOB PROPERLY!


Once you know the score of a game, the thrill in watching it for the result is not the same! GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!

Re: Games ruined again!


Hey @Fledrik,that's all perfectly valid feedback and I can't really disagree with you on those points. Just so I'm completely across this one - are you advising that the Everton V Chelsea game stream skipped right to the end of the match? There's then been advertising material after the match that has then revealed the end result of two more matches? If that's the case, I'll definitely have this fed back to our content teams. 


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Re: Games ruined again!


I'll elaborate on @Fledrik's behalf as I know exactly what he is saying, then I'll also add to it. 

I too watched the Chelsea v Everton game on demand (actually only about an hour behind the live broadcast). 
I had the option to 'watch live' or 'start from beginning'. I choose 'start from beginning' and it didn't start from the beginning at all, it jumped to the live broadcast (about 60mins in to play) which I saw the score at 4-0 and the game was ruined as mentioned. 
This is not the first time this has happened, seing the score at any time ruins the enjoyment of watching the game at all. 
I had to rewind all the way back to try and find the start of the broadcast. Now I'm up to what Fledric is saying; the last 10 minutes or so of the Man City game was at the socalled 'beginning' of the chelsea game and in that broadcast they showed live vision (picture in picture) of the other games going on in their final minutes.
So now i've seen all four games near final scores as well as the Chelsea game's in progress score. 

The broadcast for each game wether on demand or live and using the 'start from beginning' feature, really needs to be exactly that, start from the beginning of the broadcast for that game only.
I normally watch almost every game of every week of the EPL, to have score and outcomes spoiled ruins that whole experience. 

It would be excellent if you had chapter points or bookmarks for the kick off, half time and full time as well as pre & post game coach/player interviews so we could skip to precisly the exact moments of time without risking fast forwarding past the kick off etc. 

Re: Games ruined again!


@bs44, there were reports of a start over issue with this game. We've got our content team currently investigating so this doesn't impact future matches. Sorry for the viewing experience Smiley Sad We'll pass on your feedback though for consideration around adding in more features.

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Re: Games ruined again!


Add some useful features like

1 - a datetime stamp to all your replays 


No1 cares how long the recording is anyways - that's a useless feature 


Re: Games ruined again!


Agree with all the above.


What is wrong with all the buffering taking place.


Trying to watcg Liverpool v Watford and stops every 2-3 mins to buffer.  My speed game  8mbps so cannot be an issue from my end.  Why can you guys not arrange to have pause feature from users end so that the game can be watched without buffering fro  your side.  the current pause is a joke as there is no content upload while that pause is used.



Re: Games ruined again!


Thanks for the extra ideas The Zlatan & Warren1012 I've passed them on to our team to check out.


Warren1012 how are you accessing the Optus Sports App? Are you trying to access anything else at the same time? 

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Re: Games ruined again!




Been through this over and over.


I do not use anything else  - it was terrible with the buffering and then the match stopped completely.  Start over and over and nothing!!!


Surely OPTUS can do something to resolve these issues.  How is it that when you trry and move back / forward there ias constant buffering issues.  


Please save me the time to try and tell me that the internet speed is from my side - as stated before i can watch yourube / Foxsports videos / Foxtel etc and there is never any buffering / grainy images.  The only time that I experience this is with Optus.


I am pleased that I am currently not having to pay for this service and cannot see myself paying in the future.





Re: Games ruined again!




Tried watching the highlights / goals and it is terrible.  Foxsports and crystal clear so obviously cannot be an issue from my side!

Re: Games ruined again!


Please also look into the match highlights, they always pause at the 10 second point while the audio conitnues to play, you have to reload many times to get it to work. 
Also the first 5 seconds are always unwatchable as it starts playing straight away but very pixelly. So you normally miss the first goal in highlights. 
I have great internet here via Apple TV 4 via ethernet. 12mbps, no other devices on wi-fi etc.

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