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Optus team - the on demand service is well below what is expected. Today I tried to watch the arsenal / West Brom match on demand. The match doesn't start until 34 minutes in to the 2hr 09min recording which I think is odd


So at half time the recording shows only 32 minutes left which a 45 minute half doesn't fit into. So I turn it off and on again, and all of a sudden the correct recording resumes and the video resumes at minute 70 (i.e.  I miss 25 mins worth)

This is just one of many glitches with your system which is increasingly becoming unreliable 

Re: Fetch mini on demand


Hey BMM84, appreciate this would be frustrating and apologise for any troubles caused there Smiley Sad May I ask if the issues only happen when you stream on-demand content? Were you able to have a chat to our dedicated EPL team to troubleshoot this further with you?

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