EPL On Demand Limitation Related


Regarding Optus only having the rights/ability to make 290 of the 380 games per season available to watch On Demand:


If it I am to believe what I've been reading, that the EPL (English FA) have imposed this limitation, then please can someone explain why?


It seems logical that they would prefer to sell the Australian rights to all of the games (On Demand). I think the packages they sell to Domestic/UK buyers all have limitations due to the competition between Sky & BT etc; so to be fair no single broadcaster can obtain exclusive rights to every game. Here in Australia though, it seems the rights aren't shared & instead they are sold to the highest bidder?


So don't they care that the other 90 games are going to waste, not just in terms of money & what seems to be a case of Optus cheaping out wherever possible, but also in terms of the entire Australian market/audience potentially missing out?


It just doesn't make sense to me.... Why would they say only 290 out of the 380, but leave it to Optus to decide which ones?


Someone please shed some light....!



Re: EPL On Demand Limitation Related


Ok so I've just read that Optus have bought the rights to show all 380 games On Demand next season....


So surely, this contradicts what we have previously been led to believe.....


Basically, they were trying to reduce the cost at our expense, just as they cut corners in the availability & quality of their content delivery platforms etc

Re: EPL On Demand Limitation Related


I haven't seen any statements to suggest Optus said the limitation was due to the Premier League. I've seen them state on numerous occasions that they couldn't show all of the games on demand due to the conditions listed in the contract between themselves and the PL but they never said which party requested that condition be entered. I'd be surprised if it was Optus given it just complicates things for them, provides more opportunity for them to breach said contract and isn't as great of an experience for their customers. 


Happy to be corrected though if you can link to where they said it

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Re: EPL On Demand Limitation Related


I haven't seen anything official from Optus, or stated by them here either, which in itself is surprising if it wasn't their own doing.


No, just a bunch of posts not unlike yours above, suggesting that it wasn't up to Optus. However, none of the other posts I've read stated that it was a theory or assumption, which suggested they may have read or heard something from Optus.


Thanks for the reply!

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