Does anyone actually get to watch EPL in proper high definition?


Now I'm far from the only person who has problems being able to watch the Premier League in high definition, but no matter how many threads I read I can't actually find any answers as to how this problem is actually resolved. The official answer from Optus seems to continually be "Can you try another device/browser", "Can you check your internet/WiFi connection" or the best one..... "Why don't you spend more money with us and buy Fetch TV?".


(You gotta admire the gall of it all though...... we've just forced you to spend money with us through an underhanded marketing campaign...... and now in order to provide the service we promised in the first place, you have to spend more money with us!! Brilliant!! Good on you Optus. Genius.)


Anyways..... back to the point. Can anyone actually give me an answer how to achieve watching the EPL in full glorious high definition via the Optus Sport app and my 4th generation Apple TV?


And please do NOT tell me to check something at my end or change device (or buy Fetch TV), because that isn't an answer, that's just passing the buck, and I can say right now that everything is working fine at my end. The internet speed is fine. The WiFi connection is fine. My TV is fine. The wind speed and direction are also favourable...... just to cover all bases.


Also one more thing...... when a problem is resolved by a moderator in a private chat, would it not be an awesome idea to put that solution up on the forum for others to see?? I understand, and whole heartedly support, the need to keep people's personal details secure, but does the solution to a problem hundreds of people are having need to be kept secret?? It's watching football, not national secrets.





Re: Does anyone actually get to watch EPL in proper high definition?


I have an 8 megabit connection and get Stan and Netflix in HD, but cannot get the Premier League anywhere near that level of quality.  I have a wired connection to my PC and still can't get HD.  It's not you, it's Optus.


If I try forcing it to high quality, it's impossible to watch, so I leave it on auto.

Re: Does anyone actually get to watch EPL in proper high definition?

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Thanks for the reply Tassia. I also find Netflix (and anything else involving HD and my Apple TV) plays without a hitch. Coincidence?? I think not.


And it's not just the live games on Optus Sport that don't play in HD, it's all of the highlight shows as well. I could kinda understand that from time to time quality on the live feed might suffer, simply down to bandwidth available, but surely when viewing a prerecorded show achieving full HD quality should not be an issue.


Optus seem incapable to accepting any responsibility at all and who can blame them? Can you imagine the s**t fight they'd have on their hands if they did?? I've mentioned this before. but it made really me laugh when in the first few weeks Optus tried to blame it on the servers in Singapore. Ummmmm, Optus is owned by SingTel so I'm pretty damn sure those servers that couldn't cope were their own. That's a pretty poor excuse even for you guys Optus.


Oh well, enough of wasting my time on this, it's just nice to have a vent. I need to go and check the wind speed again as my internet seems slow...... thanks Optus!!!!



Re: Does anyone actually get to watch EPL in proper high definition?


Remember that glorious HD with Fox Sports? Apparently we can acheive that with a supersonic internet connection and not having Optus broadcasting the Premier League. 

Re: Does anyone actually get to watch EPL in proper high definition?


i totally agree i have just got an optus plan that included optus sports through the optus app to watch the premier league games i watch the games through my google chromecast ultra brilliant little device, i can't believe they don't stream in high definition  all tv's are smart tv's this is really poor by optus amazed the best they can offer 720p i think if you got a sattelite dish it does this is pathetic for a big company like optus they need to get the're act together not happy

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