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Chromecast CONSTANTLY dropping out. Fix this issue.

The Chromecast CONSTANTLY drops out during a game. It really is frustrating. How can you take over the rights for the EPL and not provide functioning apps to watch it. Also, how can you let an issue like this continue for weeks on end without rectifying it? You charge a ridiculous amount to watch the sport we love and you can't fix issues with viewing it? 


This isn't an issue that needs to be troubleshooted, it is the app itself. 

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Re: Chromecast CONSTANTLY dropping out. Fix this issue.

Hi Tdaly29, I'm sorry you are still having trouble with your Chromecast. They have made some adjustments this week and working hard to address those customers that are still affected.  


Certainly feel free to return the below in a Private Message to help us identify services still having issues.


Customer Name:  
Customer Contact: 
Service Number/username: 
Error Message displayed on screen/app:  
Match being Watched:Watford v Crystal Palace
Device used (To cast) eg, iPhone 7 plus:  
Device casted to, eg. LG TV:
Internet Service provider:  
Network (ADSL, Cable, NBN):  

Chromecast Generation/type:
Chromecast firmware version:
Optus Sport App Version:

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