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Occasional Contributor Toons
Occasional Contributor

Re: Can't load live games on any browser on Windows laptop

Hey there, 

They tried cookies and cashe too with me but i already knew it wsn't the issue. 


This had me baffled for an hour and in the time it took optus to come up with a have you tried turning it off and on again, i did the following.


For me the versions of OS and browser are beyond what they have tested or believe they support.

So it was Fail Fail Fail.


I had them reset account can be done anytime through chat. 

Then i switched to another browser that was within the specs they provide on devices page left newer browser still open but paused.

once the stream was running on for me on other browser i used "chrome" to kick start it, i stopped went back to my preferred newer apparently unsuported browser and reloaded the page it stuttered for a second i moved the scroll forward a touch picture appeared and no troubles since.   

Hope you're still not having issues but thought i'd let you know what fixed that issue for me

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RetiredModerator Mike-N

Re: Can't load live games on any browser on Windows laptop

Hi there @Toons, I've responded to your post in the other thread 🙂

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