Again with an extra hour of nothing before an ON DEMAND game!


After contact Optus last week about a ruined week of watching because of  you showing the end of the Man City game and results of other games BEFORE the actual on demand game named (West Ham vs Crystal Palace), this week the Burnley vs Everton game has an hour of nothingness on it before the actual game starts. What gives again?  Why can't you simply lop off the extraneous crap from the beginning and start the actual game and preamble if necessary AT THE BEGINNING. At least there didn't seem to be any results shown this week but when I have to fast forward and guess where the actual game starts it is very concerning after last weeks debacle. I have Apple TV with Airplay to watch games and can only fast forward on a blank screen (can't rewind at all) so it's a ridiculously hit and miss affair trying to find the beginning of the game. If I overshoot I have to start from scratch again so this is a ludicrous way for Optus to present the games. Simple request...start the game at the beginning, not 1/3 of the way through. This should be the simplest edit to make so what is the excuse now especially as the first hour this week was just endless promos of what this week's games are. Terrible. Don't think I'll bother next year if this is the best Optus can do. Not a fun experience.


Re: Again with an extra hour of nothing before an ON DEMAND game!


We appreciate your feedback Andy and will certainly pass this along to our team. Do please let us know if there's anything else we can help with. 

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Re: Again with an extra hour of nothing before an ON DEMAND game!


Can I please get a proper answer as to why the on demand game/s would only start around an hour into the whole program especially when all the first hour of the program is, is static typographic promos for this week's other epl games?

It's completely pointless this week. At least last week the excuse was that you wanted to get the game up and streaming quickly so the end of one game and results of others was just an editing/time issue. A ridiculous excuse anyway as one edit would lop off all that unwanted programing from the beginning, none of it is pertinent to what is required.


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