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New Contributor
New Contributor

email account stopped to exist

where has my email account gone

I've had 2 email accounts with optus for years now

recently I realised I was not getting the usual amount of emails

found out that one of the emails ceased to exist

rang optus and after 3 hours and coping insults from one of the operators

still have no answer

I don't want to ring the optus helpline as they all lead to the same tortuous

long waits and that horrible music that is played while waiting

This has been going on since optus connected me to the NBN 6 months ago

and lost my business phone number which I've had for over 25 years

I've wasted so much time trying to find out what's happened with no avail

At lest I'd like to know where my emails are

any help appreciated


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: email account stopped to exist

Just a heads up @elephan,


I've replied back to thread →





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