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New Contributor shiproc
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What would you do?

So, what would you do in this situation? I feel helpless.


I ordered an iPhone 7 Plus online, and received the order confirmation email - all good.

2 days later received the package - they sent me the incorrect phone.

I called them to find out what to do, and they said they'll send someone out with the correct phone and to pick up the incorrect phone within 24 hours.

5 days later - nothing. I called again, and was told the person should not have said 24 hours, but 3-5 business days.

That person re-completed the return request, and I waited. Nothing.

I called again, and found out that nothing at all had actually been done since day one, and that 3-5 business days was incorrect and it would be 8-10 business days. I told the person on the phone I would return the phone to a store, cancel the order, and place a new order in-store. They agreed that would be the fastest way.

I went into store, and they couldn't help me with an online order. They checked the account and the previous person I had spoken to had sent out a satchel, without asking me, to an address that I have limited access to. The person in-store called Optus online, and got them to cancel the return request, and to instead send a satchel to the store express.

6 days later I called the store, they had not received anything. Checked with my work (I work random days), and yep, satchel received there the day before.

So I went to work, picked up the satchel, took it into store, got them to package it all up, and went to the post office. Store staff told me to get the con # so they could organise a cancellation of the order before the package arrived in the warehouse, which would allow me to order the phone in store straight away.

Tried to order the phone in-store, but they don't honour the online deals!!! A $109 plan was going to cost me $128 in-store for the exact same thing!!! That's about $230 over the course of the plan - and that is AFTER I had been messed around and lied to for the previous 3 weeks... I was expecting discounts/nice stufff - not an increase in price!!!


I can't believe that for a company so large, one hand does not talk to the other. Customer does NOT come first.


Simple solution by a customer-centric business would have been to simply swap the incorrect phone for the correct phone in-store... but Optus systems are not capable of ACTUAL customer service and support.


I have left out steps that have been taken to make the situation seem a bit simpler. Over the course of the last 3 weeks I have been into store 4 times, spent around 4 hours on the phone, and had five or six webchats with Optus.


So, what would you do now? The phone is on the way to the warehouse, and once I get confirmation of the cancellation there is a good chance I will take my new business, home internet/phone, and my family's mobile plans to another company.


There isn't anybody available to actually speak to that can create a solution, just a lot of people who tell you what you want to hear and then do either nothing, or what you don't want them to.

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: What would you do?

"For a company so large"


Optus appears to be made up of a lot of disparate arms. The Optus stores aren't run by Optus (they're franchises). Service centres have varying levels of knowledge and capability. Behind the scenes, the technology is large chunks of legacy systems stiched together by lots of manual intervention (that often goes awry).


When it works (and 90% of the time it does work) itsfine. If you fall in the other 10% then it seems rectification is a witch. Trying to help by doing sensible things (like swap the phone over in store) just bumps up against the issues above..


As to what to do now? Don't worry about making business leaving threats. Optus won't alter anything because of it, so either do it or don't. Try work with the system rather than (understandably) short cut it. Get the plan and phone location and details nailed down. Get them to send the phone somewhere you need. Ring each second day to confirm its all on track. 


Hopefully you'll get the phone and the right plan sooner rather than later.


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

New Contributor bunney_nelson
New Contributor

Re: What would you do? current situation is almost parallel to yours. It's been almost 4 weeks and I'm currently rushing in-store to ask someone at the shop to see if they can cancel an "order" I made with someone on live chat, (which I haven't received the order # yet which means it STILL isn't a legit order, despite getting the run around from 7 live chats and 3 people on the phone....but I do have my original reference# that confirms that I "ordered an order" ...I wanna cancel that before I get sucked in to another 2 years with Optus cause I just cannot STAND it anymore....& just before I came to the forums here, I find out that my local store is CLOSED today. 

Ugh 😒 .....of course it is. Should I have expected anything else?


They dont care about helping anyone!!

And my god....not even the My Optus APP  is working for me at the moment. 

The site is always lagging SO badly every time I use it too.. it seems like they're going down the drain and there are a lot of cheaper options regarding phone plan providers...but I doubt I'd go any further than Vodafone, because I don't know/trust the other companies. 

I don't really like voda either which is why I'm dragging my feet hoping this gets sorted. But I can see that it won't... and I'd planned on telling them I'm taking my business elsewhere, even after an entire 17yeara of loyalty with them even still with the SAME phone# I was assigned back in 2000. 

🤔 actually, I'm sure I was a couple of years before that now that I look at the date. 



Anyway. I'M SO MAD!!

buying the phone outright and then I'm on my way. Optus can get stuffed. 

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: What would you do?



I used to work for retail way back in the day. We had access to set systems that allowed us to process orders and that's about it. All admin is handled by our back-office team. I'd have hoped that a record of the interaction that you had with live chat was noted on the account. They should have been able to guide you through the cancellation process.


I presume you'd initially received an order beginning with the letter T?


I'm more than happy to check this one out for you. If I can find an order, I'll go ahead and ensure that it's cancelled.


Send us a PM with your order details. I need your full name, DOB and order reference number.


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