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Hi , 

Please help in unsubscribing this scam , few days back i was just using facebook and just hit an add , and then i got messages that i have subscribed to there monthly package and which was of $14 for 30 days,  i dont want that subscription and there was nothing told in that messages for stopping that service,  the company from which i got message is and the number is 19789999.

Help me getting out from this scam.

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Hey @Mustafaali sorry to hear that. We'll need to raise a dispute directly with the content provider to have any charges refunded, and block these from appearing in future. Please send through a private message with the full name, phone number and DOB attached to the service to verify and we'll go from there.

Re: Unsubscribe quizikoo


Hello, I am also having this problem. I wa going through Facebook and clicked on an add then got the same text message saying that I’ve subscribed for $14 a month for 30days. Which I don’t wanna be subscribed too. Please help. Thanks 

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Hey @taylagoodwin7 feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll check it out.

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I have a charge from the same quizikoo for a total of $14.95.  Have cancelled the spend option in my service option tab but how do i ensure that i am not charged again next bill.  





Re: Unsubscribe quizikoo


@Butters79, that should do it Luke. As long as your premium SMS spend limit has been set to $0.00, content providers are unable to generate charges on your Optus account.


I'm happy to go in and dispute the charge for you. You'll need to fill out the template below:


Are you the primary account holder: Y/N

Your full name as it appears on your account:

Your date of birth:

Your mobile or account number:

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