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New Contributor wazlil
New Contributor

SSL VPN dropping out on Optus NBN, but ok on traditional Optus Cable.

Hello Everyone,


I have (reluctantly) procured a new NBN service at our house.  We have been using the traditional Optus cable internet for many years up until now with various modems and firewalls.  Currently we have a Meraki firewall that connects into our Cisco switch.  This part is fine.  The WAN port is connected to the Optus provied modem.  As we are transitioning to NBN, we have both a Optus provided modems for the old CAT-TV Cable and new HFC NBN tails.  I can switch between these manually by removing the copper ethernet conenction and internet works fine.  I'm actually quite happy with the NBN connection, particularly the uplink speed.  However;


Consistently since we have had the NBN connection connected, my VPN connection to my office is unstable.  This is an enterprise grade VPN (Fortigate) which works seamlessly on every other internet connection I use (as does many other staff at my office).   I am unable to maintain a VPN connection for much longer than 10 minutes, and in some cases less than 2 minutes.  This is simply unusable for what I need.  When I switch back to my other Cable connection (via the same firewall, different modem) the connection works fine - It can stay connected for days if I need it to.


I have a few theories as to what is going on here, which could include deep packet inspection on the NBN firewalls, or perhaps some flapping routes breaking my sesssions.  I'm not sure 100%, but would like to know if anyone esle out in the community is experiencing the same frustrations and experience as me?


I've logged a ticket with Optus, and they have said they are going to escallate.  In my experience it is hard to speak to the layer 3 and above techs for a residential service.  I or my team at work deal with Enterprise faults teams, but of course our businesses pay for premium services.  So I've gone for the crowd sourcing option here to see if it is more widespread than just me.   I know it's not my kit - it's tried and tested and I know how to configure and troubleshoot it.  


Please post a reply with similar experiences or if you have any ideas on a way forward.  Otherwise I'll just have to use my trusty Telstra 4G connection for my work purposes at home.


Thanks for reading and hopefully responding.





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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: SSL VPN dropping out on Optus VPN, but ok on traditional Optus Cable.

Hi Wazlil,

I'm sure you'll get some good advice from our regular contributors when they see this post.

In the meantime, what is your ticket number? I'll keep an eye on it.

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