Reset Optus Sport Password


The Reset my password email has no link to continue essentially leaving me locked out of my account. All the stupid email does it notify me if what ive already tried to do

Re: Reset Optus Sport Password


@kdunc, that's odd Smiley Frustrated


You've reset the password via the Desktop browser version of Optus Sport or was done via the Optus Sport mobile app?


I've given it a shot from the Desktop browser and it's generated the following link:




  1. Email sent with link to password reset page.




  1. URL I'm directed to after clicking Reset Password. 


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Re: Reset Optus Sport Password


My request was also sent from desktop and did not contain that link... Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 7.18.36 pm.pngThe email I sent was attached.

Re: Reset Optus Sport Password


I tried activating optus sport the other week and gave up in frustration when it kept going around in circles.  Tried again now and it says I already have an account so sent myself a password reset twice but both times it just takes to the page without any password reset option.  I'm using my mobile.


I can see this has been a common issue for a while now which makes it more frustrating!

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