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My Optus email account was shut down because someone has been sending spam email purporting to be from me.

It was reinstated last night but today I have received too many "undeliverable" error emails from the Optus server.

I have created a new 'very secure' password but that hasn't stopped the phishers.

Surely Optus can filter outgoing emails to prevent email being sent from other than optus servers?

I am not happy about having my email interrupted.

I am not happy that I have a "bad reputation" because this is happening.

How can we filter - or at least prevent - our outgoing email messages so that these messages can stop being sent?

Re: Outgoing Email Filter


These bounced messages can take days if not weeks to clear up and its simply the way mail is handled. As far as I am aware Optus has an outgoing mail limit to prevent hackers causing severe damage.

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