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Optus Forcing Customers to Pay for Support to 3rd Party Optus Premium!

Recently wanted some assistance with understanding Parental Controls on Optus provided modem, went through support Chat, explained what I wanted and advised me that they only deal with accounts not technical support (since when?) told me I needed to call 1300088545 for help.  When I called the number I explained once again what I was needing help with, told that a technician will call me back and then at the end said 'there will be a $90 charge'.  What The!


I said no and questions why and that I felt this was a scam, he immediately changed tactic and said okay I will put you onto Optus Support (which is what I thought I called), the gentleman said he was not part of Optus, they were Optus Premium a separate company.  


I phoned Optus support myself on 131344 and was told that they could assist me and that Optus Premium is for assistance on non-Optus related issues such as anti-virus, technical and computer issues.  She was unable to explain why I was directed to them and not Optus support...


Sounds like a bit of a scam, I wonder how many people have been in the same boat and did not know any better and just paid the $90 for support that Optus should have provided free?


Would like to know if anyone else has had this experience or if this is just is just new... as I had been able to receive technical support from Chat in the past, but now according to them they now only help with account issues?  (which is strange because being an overseas call centre that would be the last thing I would like them handling, my account and financial details)

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Re: Optus Forcing Customers to Pay for Support to 3rd Party Optus Premium!

Hi @PerthMum, sorry about all your experience before and the run around. Can understand that you’d feel disappointed. Rest assured I have tagged your post as feedback to the relevant team for future reference. You can control the content being accessed from your computer by using content filtering software. It can be used to restrict and monitor web sites that may be offensive and/or inappropriate for children. The Communication Alliance has a list of approved family friendly internet content filters which have been independently tested and meet their criteria. The list is available at: This website has some other tools provided by the Australian Government in regards to parental control. Once again apologies and we appreciate your patience. 

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