No Optus support for Optus Business customers with faulty phone while overseas

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In May this year I renewed my Mobile Business Plan for another 2 years and also purchased a new Huawei P30 mobile phone. # weeks later I went O/S to Thailand, after 3 days my new phone died no power and 1 second earlier it showed battery to be 85% and  it would not tuirn back on .

I contacted Optus via my laptop via hotel internet, I told them what had happened and asked what I could do as I needed my phone to run my business, and I would be here for 9 weeks.

They told me they could do nothing, even when I TOLD THEM THE PHONE WAS ONLY 3 WEELS OLD, they told me then that I could post it back to them and they would repair it and post it back to me, this woul take 5-8 weeks. Whatis terrible service for a customer who has been with them for 15 years.

I then asked them if they could express post a phone to me, No was their reply

I aked can i take it to an authorised Huawei deler to get it fixed No was again ther reply it would void the warranty

So they were obviously not going to help me. so I end the chat.

After 4 hours I contacted them again and asked if I could buy another phone in Thailand and use it until I retured, and they said after checking with ther supervisor, I could, GREAT . Then they told me they would reimburse me $60 for a new phone, What a JOKE.

So I was left stranded with no phone to run my business back home or any business in Thailand.

The only solution was for me to buy a new phone and pay for it my self.

I think OPTUS are disgusting in not supporting their products they sell or the business needs of their long term customers.

HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM.????? I am now looking for a new carrier who supports busines here and O/S

Re: No Optus Support for Optus Business customers New Mobile Phone while OverSeas



From my experience generally Optus representatives are unable to send anything to customers who are overseas, whether it be a replacement SIM, return satchel, hard copy bill, etc. The system in place doesn't allow it.

Processes are definitely in place for device warranty claims however support can be limited if the customer is overseas with the device.

I can't confirm if this is the case for Business customers though (for example you mentioned they would post the repaired device back to you) For Business account enquiries we refer customers to please chat with a Business Specialist.

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