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New Contributor Bridie96
New Contributor

Nbn no internet

Hi, we recently for the new nbn modem installed. I followed the instructions after receiving the text to activate the service. I went through all steps but still am unable to access the internet. The nbn modem has solid green lights throughout, but the modem it connect to doesn't flash a green light for the internet, despite the wifi flashing. Please help 

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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: Nbn no internet

Is the modem plugged in to the WAN port at the back (different colour from the other CAT5 ports)?

Can you go to the modem webpage and log in (

As a test if you just plug your laptop straight into the NBN modem and rebot can you get the internet?


But mainly you should contact Optus support (LiveChat, Optus Mobile App or Facebook) and they can talk you through the last bit needed (ask them if they can see your Optus modem from their end)


Peter Gillespie

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