Internet out since 31st Dec


So My internet (Cable) has been out after a storm in Sydne, this is almost a week, no internet and no fetch tv called for support 3 time, every time I get a different answer, on the first call, the support person said he is shipping a new router, the other two identify there is an outage in my area, even though the Optus outage map does not show such a thing

There is no escalation line, all support is contracted overseas with no customer empathy or sense of urgency. I work from home and I have been racking GB on my mobile phone and there is no end in sight

This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with, will break my contract and definitely go back to iinet.


Re: Internet out since 31st Dec


I feel your pain regarding the customer service, lack of oversight when you call multiple ‘help’ or ‘service’ numbers and failure by anyone to escalate and resolve issues. I have now gone to Telstra for internet service (cable) and despite being assured I was no longer in a contract with Optus ( I have a screenshot of this conversation with their Optus chat team saying so) I am still receiving Optus bills! 

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