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New Contributor Lilibeadaddy
New Contributor

Incorrect billing and now optus sport does not work

I have been an optus customer for just over 8 weeks, so far


I have spent over 5hours on the phone speaking to 7 different people to rectify optus billing me for me than my contract, which I am told has now been corrected, but have no confidence it won’t be incorrect again next month.i get overcharged 40dollars unless I spend at least2.5 hours with customer service per month.


During this weekend I wanted to continue watching premier league on my phone/optus app on my I pad. It now says I need the premium service, which I have, I then try and get a code sent to validate, it comes with an error message, and have uninstalled and reinstalled the app to try and fix and still it doesn’t work. I can’t face yet another experience of an hour on the phone to try and find someone to help. Any advice, other than leave optus, never pay the bill again and don’t recommend optus to anyone a customer service is horrific?i only joined optus to get premier league football access!!! Arrrrrrrrrgh!

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RetiredModerator Pete

Re: Incorrect billing and now optus sport does not work

Hey Lilibeadaddy - this really isn't what we like to hear. If you're still needing a hand gaining access to the EPL, please click HERE.

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