I can't Activate


I used Vodafone and bought an optus30 $ SIM card at the mart and registered...But, on the site, it seems that A Prepaid activation order using this SIM number is underway. Place SIM in your device and restart regularly. Activation may take up to 4 hours to complete, And my smartphone displays Network login, By the way, Uh no! something ’s not right… How do you solve it?

Re: I can't Activate


Hi Joonkim, I'd also suggest resetting your network settings on the phone. Turn off the phone, remove the SIM, re-enter the SIM turn on the handset. If still no service I'd suggest speaking to live chat so they can look into the order to make sure the activation has been submitted in the system with the correct information. Shouldn't take longer tan 4 hours however sometime there can be activation delays. 

Let me know how you go! 

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