Getting more and more over my Optus issues


Honestly what can't I complain about right now would be the question... 

I guess I'll start with the first issue being somehow optus has given us two NBN accounts so sent out two modems and two fetch tv boxes so far our modem has overheated multiple times a day so all we want to do is use our own modem but we can't actually seem to talk to a human to help us set this up so we went in store only to find it's closed for two weeks... great thanks for that so we still can't get on the phone to a HUMAN it just keeps directing us to the website and hanging up and the website directs us to the phone.. second issue is we have set up our fetch tv now the first box didn't even work and the second box works but we have the wrong subscription and still cant get ahold of a single suport team member.. these aren't even all the issues but I can't be bother typing them all as it's a long list 

Re: Getting more and more over my Optus issues


Hey @Timtam92, we've replied back to your other thread → We've just asked you to send us a private message. We'll chat with you there! 


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