Delivery times of 4G wireless broadband modems


So, I am at a loss...

Attempting to move over to Optus and ordered one of the mobile 4G broadband modems back on 20 November 2017. The info said it takes 3-5 days for delivery, but on checking the order status, nothing has happened still!

I will not even go into the issues with the accounts for the mobiles... Out of the frying pan, into the fire, it would appear - going from one service provider who focussed on speed when all we wanted was an internet connection to not even having infrastructure.

Might have to go back to the old stone and chisel.

Any ideas about how to actually engage with Optus to get some service around here?

Because the phone and online chat service sure ain't helpful!


Re: Delivery times of 4G wireless broadband modems


@JadedAgain, you've definitely been waiting far too long. If you've ordered hardware online, we're looking at the following delivery time frames. 

  • For orders made online before 1pm (AEST) Monday to Friday, delivery is next business day in metropolitan areas of capital cities. Otherwise 2 business days.
  • For regional deliveries, we'll quote a delivery time frame of 3-5 working days.

Had we given you a tracking reference at all? You should be able to trace the order via → 


There's a few possibilities i.e. we've incorrectly input your address and the package is being held at our couriers packaging facility, the order has been denoted as undeliverable and has been sent back to our warehouse or there's been a system issue that's halted the progress of your order. Feel free to send us  PM with your account details. We're after your full name, DOB and order reference number. Look forward to hearing back! 


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