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New Contributor Needlessly_comp
New Contributor

Cannot send text messages

I cannot send text messages to any phone. I have tested a large number of my contacts. 

I have tried restarting the phone, switching on and off the network coverage, deleting archived messages to ensure adequate space. 

I can make calls just fine, I am post paid and still have a lot of credit, I can still use the internet, I have network coverage. 

If it helps, I am on a S7. I do not think it is a device issue though as everything else is working perfectly. 

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Re: Cannot send text messages

Hey @Needlessly_comp, sounds like you've covered most troubleshooting steps. Are you receiving an error message when trying to send SMS? Are you able to receive messages? Might be best to get in touch with our Mobile Team on 131344 - 24/7 so they can investigate this for you.

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