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I signed up to a $65 My Plus plan in Feb, and was told I'd be getting 7gb + bonus 8gb data, which was the only reason I went with this plan. It showed up on my account on the first billing, but has since disappeared, and on my last bill I was charged $10 for exceeding the 7gb data limit. I've tried raising the issue twice on the live chat, and both times got disconnected as soon as I told them the problem. Looking at the forum I'm not the only one this has happened to, so I'm hoping someone can help out. Thanks

Re: Bonus data not applied to mobile plan


 have you cancelled any data services on your account? the 65$ seems to give you only fix 7GB so prolly they 8gb was  added as another service for data sharing


Re: Bonus data not applied to mobile plan


Hi @13Shrek12, we''ll have to investigate this and check your contract details. Please me Here your full name, date of birth  and mobile number for ID. 

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