My optus app won't work


i just bought an iphone5c on a plan and i tried to check the my optus app but all it says is "No Data availble"  when i refresh it, it says "cannot refresh due to system errors" !!! I tried reinstalling and it still doesnt work. 

Re: My optus app won't work

Hi torzmenz, are you still having issues with the app?

Re: My optus app won't work


hello i am having the same issue.


have been ever since i got the iphone 6!!!


its been going on for a good 6 months almost!! i want to be able to view my ussage.. i cant text 9999, i cant use online, i cant use the app.



driving me bonkers. and yes.  i have uninstalled and re installed. i also have contacted optus and the have esculated this to IT multiple times.

Re: My optus app won't work


Ressurecting old thread because I'm a new customer having the exact same problem. Fix? I came over from Telstra, starting to regret it. App doens'y work, online doesn't tell me how much data I've used....

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