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My Optus Community App suggestion

Hi there!


I have come here from the personal my optus commnuity forums so I assume they are linked but regardless ill make my suggestion. Personally i enjoy browsing these forums on my phone on the way home from work or in the car, I think it would be a great idea for the My Optus Commnunity forums to some how be intergrated into the current My Optus application for both iPhone and Android. If this is not possible it would be nice if the forum was a little more friendly to the smaller screen. 





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New Contributor allinone
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Re: My Optus Community App suggestion

The Vision 2012 App would be usable if it was table to be viewed on the iPad. It does not fit the screen size or shrink and it has to be moved around just to see the screen. So I can understand how the issue would be even worse on an even smaller screen.

Let's hope that the next version improves the user experience.
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Retired Employee Kassie_Sheldon
Retired Employee

Re: My Optus Community App suggestion

Many thanks for your feedback and excellent suggestions.


The Vision app was in fact designed for the iOS/android phones and not tablets. Prior to Vision, when we tested on the tablet, we did in fact need to x2 the screen before the app displayed sufficiently.


Next year (taking your feedback on board), we will be sure to look into designing the app for tablets and devices with different sized screens for a more optimal user experience.Smiley Happy

By Kassie Sheldon, Optus Business Content Digital & Social Marketing Manager. More from Kassie on Twitter: @tweetkas
All views expressed are the author’s own.