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Amazingly useful teacher "app"

Hi there,


I found a fantastic resource for those who are teachers and have a phone with a data connection (through optus of course Smiley Happy ), or can access their schools wireless network.


Although it's not technically an app, it works beautifully with a 3G data connection through my optus prepaid phone :).


It's called Class Dojo. I'm not on commission here (and it's free so obviously I'm not) but it lets you manage your students behaviour using your phone from across the room and displays it on an interactive white board or projector. I click (on my phone) "student", then "behaviour", and on the interactive white board "Student displayed this behaviour" appears e.g. "Bob made a fantastic point". My students respond well to this and it encourages them to work harder because it displays points they have individually recieved on the board.


It's amazing, check it out: !

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Valued Contributor

Re: Amazingly useful teacher "app"

That's a fairly interesting application!

Do you follow it up with rewards for the highest scoring student?

I'd also be interested to hear what your thoughts are in using this sort of tool in an environment where you have students who aren't as social as others - would this cause them further stress when they feel they can't interact with others and their scoring is publicly suffering? Or, do you think it provides a better opportunity for these students to be more involved in a practical way?

Would love to hear your thoughts 😄

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