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silverlight - stan + netflix

Hi - i am watching Stan + netflix on a Samusing smart TV ( 2015 model). I use my android phone as the modem and hotspot off this.  I have noticed that "silverlight" consumes 56% of my overall download with Stan consuming 20% and netflix 12%.  silverlight consumes approx 4gB of download on the same night that Stan uses 2gB of download. 

I have not installed silverlight on my phone - it does not show up as an installed app. i spoke with the Optus store and they were not able to help.  I have read the other 'chats' however i still do not know why silverlight is consuming so much of my download.... also.... do i need to have silverlight installed to watch Stan / Netflix ?.... if not how can i delete it

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Re: silverlight - stan + netflix

Stan uses Silverlight (made by Microsoft) to deliver the video stream.

From Stans own page:

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