fetch tv freezes and drops out


my fetch tv streaming continuously drops out and freezes. this is the 2nd box we have had as the first one did much the same thing. there are no issues with the internet anywhere else. its connected via wifi but i have tries the ethernet also and its still a constant occurence.  when i contact optus they tell me to reset the box (which i've done repeatedly). does anyone have issues with theirs? any ideas what to do?


Re: fetch tv freezes and drops out


Hey there @director1, not good to hear that this is happening! Get that it'd be pretty annoying Smiley Sad

Are there any changes in the lights on your Fetch unit when it freezes/drops out? What kind of speeds are you getting through your Broadband connection? 

Would also recommend raising it with our TV & Content crew here so we can follow it up with you. 

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Re: fetch tv freezes and drops out


@director1and @AlexRH i am getting the same issues on the new mighty box i just recieved. The UI just freezes up completely and takes about 5-10 minutes to come good. Previous box did exactly the same thing so they replaced it, so dissappointed. Clearly problem in firmware that someone needs to fix and cant be bothered to do so.



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