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Contributor graemeperriotte

fetch box loosing internet conection

Well here is another day of my fetch box loosing internet connection, whilst computer is ok and game box ok, tgat fetch box is useless, yep for 3 weeks now at least o e day a week no fetch box mini me your crap.

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Crowd Champion MiCCAS
Crowd Champion

Re: fetch box loosing internet conection

Oh no! Sorry to hear you haven't had the best experience with your Fetch TV!


Without knowing what troubleshooting steps you've followed so far, I'd recommend visiting the following site. It has some great things you could try to resolve your streaming issues.


If that doesn't help, Optus' contact details are also on that page and I'd recommend getting in touch to further troubleshoot and replace if needed.


Let us know how you go!

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Moderator GuyCS

Re: fetch box loosing internet conection

Hey @graemeperriotte - not great to hear you're having trouble with your set top box. Just to confirm, is your Fetch connected to your modem via WiFi or Ethernet? We generally recommend an Ethernet connection for the best results.


If the set top box and your other devices (computer, console) are all connected via WiFi but only the Fetch box is having issues, please attempt a Soft and Hard Reset to see if that resolves the issue. 


If those resets don't help, please let us know and we can look into organising a replacement. 

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