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On my fetch optus channels over the internet I get streaming issues message and check internet connection. 

The box is new from December 2017 and these issues happened maybe once after about a month then again after a few weeks and now some five months later it happens about once or twice daily.  Diagnostics are all OK internet speed very good.  Tried to resolve twice now with tech support. Only resolved for me is following crowd advice which is by unplugging and restarting the box -  nuisance as need to enter Wi-Fi password etc. Not how the box should work but this does the job.  Not impressed!!!! Worse was the optus TV support person who wouldn't answer my questions,  he was following protocol only.  Eventually I got from him that they follow same protocol  for all issues,  he insisted I do soft reset,  I told him I had already done that In the past,  still used up 25 mins my time to do again.  Then after explaining my issues were only on internet channels he said the problem is common for a lot of people with free to air channels,  I told him again it was my internet channels hence the internet streaming issue,  he didn't think that was right yet it seems quite straight forward to me that internet connection would affect internet channels as the antenna affects free to air. No faith in the box,  he said next time we will do hard reset then the next step to replace box.  Read through the crowd streaming problems the replacement box doesn't help. 

Very frustrating issue and after just 5 months I'm so over it and the resolution process. 

Re: fetch TV streaming


Hey @Maija, thanks for filling us in. 


I'm sorry to hear that our support team couldn't offer up a permanent solution. Issues that occur intermittently can be a bit tricky to diagnose. 

We'll usually ask that you test the service whilst hardwired to your modem (directly or with a set of powerline adapters). 


The check internet connection prompt could mean many things:


- There's a higher number of users on our fixed network than normal (generally, during peak hours of use) 

- There's an issue with your WiFi connection. The WiFi is faulty, signal interference, distance from the modem etc. 

- There are too many devices connected to your WiFi modem. 


How many devices are usually connected to your WiFi? Changing your WiFi channel settings could make a difference.


Let us know how it all goes, we're happy to help out. 



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