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been charged for almost a year and billing team keep hanging up.

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I thought I should share my experience with others, I was a optus mobile customer and then I sign up for Optus Yes TV, I start to use it but as everyone is aware Optus service is <removed foul language> so I switch back to Telstra. (Reason I moved to Optus was because of overseas calling Telstra was not offering that @). 


Anyway, when I moved my mobile my Fetch TV Activation code stop working so I assumed that service is been shutdown. To use Yes TV Service customer must have some sort of service with Optus thats what I read on Optus Website. After 6 months I saw Optus is still charging me for service (account over drawn) so I call them first they said service is still active. After a discussion they admitted their mistake and offer refund. I thought all is been taken care of now... Left it like that and then this month I saw again Optus continue to charge me for a service and been doing that since my last conversation. I check for refund and there is none -- W T F is going on - so I call them again spoke to 3 people all of them said please wait let us check and hang up call. Now i am pi s s ed --- so I open a case with T I O and asking for over drawn fees and hassle they caused me. 




Re: been charged for almost a year and billing team keep hanging up.


Re: been charged for almost a year and billing team keep hanging up.


That is disappointing to hear about your experience.

From what you described it should be fairly straight forward to resolve however this is not something that we can assist with here on the forum.
If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details.
Let us know how you go but please abide by our Community Guidelines.

P.S. Thank you Paddylee for the edit.  

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