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New Contributor
New Contributor

Yes TV Box - not getting past the internet connection page

I am setting up my Fetch TV box with a wireless internet connection.


I get the four ticks and then nothing - it stay on this screen. None of the buttons respond on the remote.


I have tried a hard reset - but the same thing happens.


The first time that I turned the TV box on, it allowed me to enter the activation code and then went through to the internet connection screen that I mention above.


I have read some threads about others that have had the same issue. It seemed like they ended up with needing to replace the unit.


Please advise? Am I having this issue because of the wireless connection.

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Retired Employee

Re: Yes TV Box - not getting past the internet connection page

Hey @Avinash,


I'm sorry I hadn't realized that you'd created a whole thread on the topic. I've actually replied back to your post on thread → We're happy to continue chatting with you there. 

If you've found my answer helpful, please mark it as a Accepted Solution and be generous with that Kudos button Smiley Happy
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