World Cup On Demand


Does anyone know how long after a world cup game has finished before I can watch it on demand?

I don't have fetch so I can't record games, but I was hoping to be able to watch the 1-2am games at 5am before work so I could have an uninterrupted sleep but when I tried this morning for the 2am Germany-Mexico game but the game was not yet available.

Any ideas how long after a match before it can be re-watched?

Re: World Cup On Demand


If it's the same as the EPL then it is 2 hours after the game.  This can sometimes vary.


From my experience, you cannot successfully watch a game on a Fetch Mini using On Demand.  The transmission keeps freezing for a second or so on a regualr frequency.  It is far too regular to enjoy watching a game.

Optus say they will fix it - but here we are, two years on having stoeln the EPL, and they still can't show it On Demand to users with a Fetch mini.

I think they should upgrade all customers to the Fetch Mighty free of charge.


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