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Occasional Contributor kakkalla
Occasional Contributor

World Cup Entertainment butchered by Optus

Have you no shame? Three days on and the buffering problems still persist. Are you looking into the problem? Do you employ any technicians that might have some idea of how to fix the problem?


You have the audacity to claim, in the Herald Sun, that the problem exists because of the other internet service providers. What utter rubbish.  I am on your 200 GB per month plan for my iPhone X. Did you understand that? YOUR network. So I decided to pur your claim to the test. 


I disconnected my Apple TV from my cable internet connection via WiFi and connected it to my iPhone's personal hotspot. Fifteen seconds into the live transmission via the Optus Sport app, buffering appeared. Maybe it's the Apple TV? Let's see. 


My iPhone shows 4G with full strength. I start the Optus Sport app and start the live feed. Again, 15 seconds in, the buffering begins. Still want to claim it’s someone else's fault Optus?


Also, where is the ACCC in all this? Optus is an entity that has a MONOPOLY on the World Cup matches. Can they not be fined for failing to deliver on their promise to show “All matches live”? Don’t we as consumers have any recourse?


Shame on you Optus. Your silence and contempt for your customers is galling. 

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Contributor Ranger_13

Re: World Cup Entertainment butchered by Optus

This pic is my $15/month Optus Sport....on Telstra.




This pic is my free Kodi stream....on Telstra.....




But Optus are blaming other providers.....😂🤣🤪

Contributor ajk73

Re: World Cup Entertainment butchered by Optus

Seeing as though Optus has failed and continues to fail to broadcast the World Cup adequetly , please everyone get in touch with the ACCC  - 1300 302 502    ,   the Ombudsman for telecommunications 1800 062 058,   and

The Hon Mitch Fifield - Minister for Communications (who took the World Cup off the Broadcasting Anti Siphoning list for complete free to air broadcasting, hence Optus having exclusive rights for all 64 matches)  -   (02) 6277 7480.


This should get things moving.  If not immediately at least hopefully next World Cup will be back to being completely free to air on technology that works !!