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Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

World Cup Buffering Woes

I would have thought that Optus would have fixed the problem by now. Nope. 


Watching France vs Australia on Apple TV. Thirty seconds later, buffering. 


Don’t you care Optus? Do you have nothing but contempt for your customers? Where are your experts to tell us why you have screwed up on a tournament that occurs once in four years and has billions of viewers?


Shame on you! Thanks to SBS, we can watch Australia in action

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New Contributor
New Contributor

Re: World Cup Buffering Woes

This is a joke. OPtus sport is pathetic. And a ripoff.


what a way to ruin the world cup for all australians with your greed. Taking the rights for all games from free TV and making people pay for a terrible service that doesn’t work properly. 


All games I have tried to watch are buffered, with a 50-60sec delay that ruins the LIVE aspect of games.


Give the world cup back to free TV, Optus.


not only it was free, IT WORKED. Unlike your pet project that works no better than an illegal internet piracy stream webpage

Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Re: World Cup Buffering Woes

What a joke Optus. Another day, another buffering time.

Instead of worrying every 2 minutes I should be relaxing watching the WORLD CUP games.

You sre the shame of the world.

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