Why oh Why did I think it would be better to stay with Optus


Stupid me... I got suckered in again!

When moving apartments I shopped around for phone + internet + TV as we wanted to consolidate services and get rid of Foxtel.  Found a great package being offered by iinet which included Fetch TV.  Did all my research on Fetch, seemed impressed - especially the "My Media Hub".  Call Optus to cancel everything ready to move to iinet.  The sales rep who I have to admit was a great guy told me Optus could do Fetch TV as well and offered me a bundle that was cheaper than iinet.  I was impressed so decided to stay.  Phone + Internet got transferred to the new apartment.  Kept checking the mail each day for news about Fetch but there was nothing.  Called Optus and found out it had been forgotten.  Was told it would take another 10 days to arrive - plus hour long conversations to get it sorted.  Finally it arrived, switched it on, didnt work.  Another half day spent on the phone to tech support to get it working.  Now that it is up and running I find out that Optus does not offer the full Fetch TV but only some of it!  Never at any point when signing up for Fetch TV did they tell me they only offered part of the service not the full program.  I've just called now in complete frustration to cancel the whole lot - phone + internet + Fetch + mobile and they are claiming I will be breaking contract.  How can I break contract for services they have not provided?  I guess this is going to be a long battle but hey I'm sick of being screwed over so I will see it through.

Re: Why oh Why did I think it would be better to stay with Optus

Lucky you, got your FETCH TV working so early and here am waiting fro 2 months for my TV to activate and work, Pathetic service by Optus

Re: Why oh Why did I think it would be better to stay with Optus


Hey Gregster73 - sorry to hear this happened. Informations on our Optus TV offers can be found on our homepage and our guys should absolutely have gone through this with you on the phone too.


Shoot your info through via our online form and we'll investigate what happened on that call and then get in touch to discuss.

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