Why is twitch not free on a plan?


im just confirming that Twitch is not free with mobile tv streaming in my package, and is using all my data. Is it that crazy to think that not everyone spends there time watch netflix or stan. There is a large group of people that would use the hell out of a plan that included twitch. Get on it Optus.


Re: Why is twitch not free on a plan?


I dont see this happening anytime soon.


Optus have cache servers that deliver Netflix and most likely Stan/ABC etc.

That means it comes from their own network and they can set limits like video streaming at 1.5Mbit.


Twitch does not have this functionailty so Optus would have very little control on having it set to their 1.5Mbit cap as its outside of the Optus Newtwork and mostly international traffic.

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